ViewPlus Free Cardiac DICOM Viewer

(Formerly $495.00, as my gift of thanks to the Cardiology community, ViewPlus is now available at no charge!!)

ViewPlus DICOM Viewer
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Screen captured from an actual display. Features are grouped by colors.

  ViewPlus Features:

ViewPlus can be used to view angiographic, ultrasound and IVUS images. Cine runs are selected by clicking on a hierarchical directory tree that displays Patient, Study, Series and Image information. Images appear immediately, without any delay for loading them into memory. Cine loops will be displayed to 30 fps (or more).

bulletThere are convenient controls for frame selection:
bulletA scroll bar allows absolute frame selection within the image run.
bulletArrow buttons allow single-frame jogging in both directions.
bulletA resettable elapsed-time counter provides event timing and corrected TIMI frame count.
bulletScrolling of frames can also be controlled with the wheel button on the mouse.
bulletIt is very easy to review an entire case quickly:
bulletPlay buttons allow looping through all cine runs or repeating a single cine run.
bulletThe display rate can be set to 1x, 1/2x and 1/4x the recorded rate.
bulletThe display rate and recording rate are both displayed when the images are in motion.
bulletA click of the right mouse button will instantly initiate display of a one second loop at 5 fps for careful inspection. A second click will resume normal playing.
bulletFor additional convenience, most commonly used functions (such as cine run and frame selection) also can be performed using the keyboard
bulletBiplane image pairs are synchronously displayed side-by-side. Paired biplane images can be saved as a single JPEG image or e-mailed. Paired cine runs can be saved as an AVI file. Biplane linkage information is preserved with anonymization of DICOM CDs.
bulletViewPlus automatically optimizes itself for computer display resolution. Any matrix size and pixel depth (up to 16 bpp) can be displayed.
bulletZooming and panning are accomplished with the click of a mouse on both moving and still images.
bulletThere is a full selection of image enhancement controls:
bulletEdge Enhancement


bulletThere is an Auto mode where brightness and contrast are automatically adjusted for each cine run in order to optimize image appearance.
bulletImages can be "flipped" both horizontally and vertically in order to obtain correct orientation.
bulletIf calibration grid data are included, the grid optionally can be displayed either as lines or points. (This feature is particularly useful for ultrasound images.)
bulletDigital Subtraction using a mask consisting of a single frame or the average of several frames.
bulletImages can be easily printed or saved (all image enhancements, including subtraction and automatic optimization are applied to these images):
bulletSingle images together with Patient, Study, Series and Image information can be printed on a convenient single-page report.
bulletImages together with Patient, Study, Series and Image information can be sent by e-mail.
bulletImages can be copied to the Windows clipboard for inclusion in documents, presentations and databases.
bulletAn entire cine run can be converted to a Windows AVI file for multimedia presentations. Many image-size and compression options are available.
bulletDICOM image files can be easily recorded onto a CD or DVD. Each CD or DVD also includes a copy of ViewPlus Lite, so it can be viewed on any Windows computer without the need for an installed DICOM viewer. 
bulletAs an option, all identifying information can be removed from the image files copied to a CD or DVD, protecting patient confidentiality. Multiple masks can also be added to each image in order to obscure identifying information that has been "burned" into the images.
bulletViewPlus will run on Windows 2000, Windows XP (32 bit) and Windows 7 (32 bit). It will run equally well on laptops and workstations. A medical device company has installed ViewPlus on its representatives' laptop computers for use in demonstrating new technology and techniques to physicians.
bulletViewPlus is updated frequently to make it compatible with new DICOM systems. If a customer submits a Cardiac DICOM CD that ViewPlus will not play, typically I will have an updated version of ViewPlus available on this web site within 48 hours.

Click here to view the ViewPlus Manual.


Click here to download the free ViewPlus installation program.

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