Using TextCleaner

  1. In some other Windows program, select some text and copy it to the Windows clipboard.
  2. Start TextCleaner. The window shown will appear.
  3. Click the Get Text from Clipboard button. The text that you selected and copied to the clipboard will appear in the text box of the TextCleaner window. All of the text initially will be selected.
  4. Edit the text, if required, using standard Windows text-editing techniques.
  5. Using the Select All and Select None buttons and Windows text-selection techniques, select a block of text that you wish to clean. You do not need to select all of the text. You can clean only part of the text at a time.
  6. Select the cleaning steps that you require by altering the checklist.
  7. Click the Do It! button to perform the cleaning steps.
  8. Repeat steps 4-7 as often as necessary.
     At any time, you can also:
  • Click Copy Selected Text to Clipboard and paste the selected text into another program.
  • Click E-Mail Selected Text if you have a compatible e-mail program to send the selected text as an e-mail message. The first line will be used as the subject of the message, but you can change the subject if you wish.
  • Click Save These Settings as Default to save the currently-selected cleaning steps. They will appear each time TextCleaner is started until a new default set is saved.
  • Minimize TextCleaner and leave it on the Windows taskbar.
  • Close TextCleaner.


Installation Instructions

Unzip the setup file into a temporary folder and run TextCeanerSetup.exe. You may install the program into the suggested folder or any place else that pleases you. TextCleaner consists of a single executable program.

To remove TextCleaner, you use the Windows Add/Remove Programs control panel. 

Click Here to Download TextCleaner

(TextCleaner.zip is about 2.4 mb. )

Using Outlook 2000 or Outlook 2002?
Try MailCleaner - A built-in version of TextCleaner

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* Please be aware that after the tenth use, a dialog box will pop up asking you to make a donation to a hunger program. If you click Yes, you will be linked to the program's web site. This is accomplished in a way that totally protects your privacy and is only done once. I fear that people will think they have gotten a virus. Please let me assure you that this is a totally honest and sincere effort to make the world a slightly better place.