MailCleaner Add-In for Microsoft Outlook 2000 and 2002

Suppose that you receive an e-mail and would like to forward it to a friend or business associate. However, the e-mail has been forwarded several times already and it looks pretty messy to you. 

If you are as compulsive as I am, you will probably take the time to clean it up before you send it. 

Being inherently lazy, I decided to write an add-in for Outlook that would do most of the work for me.

Now, if I receive an e-mail that I want to forward and it looks like this after I click the Forward button in Outlook,

I select the text that I want to keep and click MailCleaner on the Tools menu,
and get this.

As you can see, all leading spaces and > characters have been removed, all extra blank lines have been removed and the text has been word-wrapped into paragraphs no more that 60 characters wide.

All of this can be yours for FREE* if you download and install the MailCleaner add-in for Microsoft Outlook.

But, Wait!! There's More….

With every copy of MailCleaner, you also get MailCleaner Options!!!

Suppose that you receive an email with some questions and you would like to reply to them.

First you click the Reply button and an Outlook e-mail reply window is displayed.

Then you break up the text so that each question and any accompanying text are in a separate paragraph. 

Then you select all of the text that you want to keep and click MailCleaner Options... on the Tools menu.

The Mail Cleaner Options window is displayed.

The default for MailCleaner is not to prefix each line with > (i.e., box 4 initially is not checked).

Because the other options are OK, you just click the box next to "4. Prefix each line with >" to select this option (i.e., box 4 is now checked). Then you click the Do It! button to perform the selected actions.

The selected text is cleaned-up in the same way it would be with MailCleaner, except that each line is preceded with a > character. 

This "quotes" the original text so that it can be differentiated from your replies. You can then type your answers and any other text that you wish to add.

All of the actions of MailCleaner are individually selectable and can be used in any combination. You may also save your favorite combination of settings as the default settings for MailCleaner and the initial settings for the MailCleaner Options window.

You can minimize the MailCleaner Options window to the task bar and use it repeatedly. You can close it when it is no longer needed.


Installation Instructions

Installing MailCleaner is really quite simple. 

You should unzip the setup files into a temporary folder and run Setup.exe. You may install the program into the suggested folder or any place else that pleases you. MailCleaner consists of a single DLL.

During the installation process, MailCleaner is registered as a Microsoft Outlook COM Add-In. It is registered only for the current user in multi-user configurations. 

In order to complete the installation of MailCleaner, you must close Outlook and restart it.

MailCleaner and MailCleaner Options... now should appear on the Tools menu for e-mail messages. It will not appear on the Tools menus for other Outlook forms.

If MailCleaner does not appear, try logging-off from Windows and logging-on, then starting Outlook again. If they still don't appear, please let me know the circumstances and any clues you might have (

If you wish to disable MailCleaner, you must go to the Tools menu of the main Outlook screen, select Options…, then the Other tab on the tabbed dialog box, then click the Advanced Options… button, then click the COM Add-Ins… button, then remove the check mark next to Mail Cleaner. (You might get the idea that Microsoft didn't make it very easy to work with add-ins.) You can also remove MailCleaner with the same dialog box.

After removing MailCleaner from Outlook, you can then delete it with the Windows Add/Remove Programs control panel. 

Click Here to Download MailCleaner for Outlook 2000

Click Here to Download MailCleaner for Outlook 2002

( is about 1.4 mb. )

Not using Outlook 2000 or Outlook 2002?
Try TextCleaner - A stand-alone version of MailCleaner

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* Please be aware that after the tenth use, a dialog box will pop up asking you to make a donation to a hunger program. If you click Yes, you will be linked to the program's web site. This is accomplished in a way that totally protects your privacy and is only done once. I fear that people will think they have gotten a virus. Please let me assure you that this is a totally honest and sincere effort to make the world a slightly better place.

MailCleaner works with e-mail in plain-text, RTF and HTML formats. However, with RTF and HTML, any imbedded formatting will be lost from the selected text. You cannot use Microsoft Word as your e-mail editor. MailCleaner will not work with Outlook Express or Outlook 97.